Prices for goods should be determined in the exchange on the basis of supply and demand

Картинки по запросу price competitionOn the portal RIA, the draft resolution of the President “On measures to stimulate competition in commodity markets” is being discussed.

The purpose of the document is a gradual reduction of monopoly in the markets and ensuring equal access of all economic entities to material and technical resources. To this end, starting from 01/01/2018, monopoly enterprises will begin selling highly liquid products, raw materials and materials exclusively at exchange trades. This rule will apply to such types of products as:
automobile gasoline (except for the population);
diesel fuel;
coal (except for the population);
vegetable oil (except for cottonseed oil);
mineral fertilizers;
sugar, etc.

It is planned to cancel declared maximum prices for products, raw materials and materials with the transition to setting prices in accordance with the rules of exchanges based on supply and demand.

Also, the ban on the resale of products purchased at exchange trades will be canceled, except for products, raw materials and materials purchased from centralized sources, as well as in the framework of state programs.

It will be allowed to perform non-cash payments between legal entities, as well as individual entrepreneurs, using corporate bank cards without concluding purchase and sale agreements with the issuance of an invoice (invoice).

For reference: today payment by corporate bank cards in national currency is accepted only at trading and service enterprises, which have an agreement with an acquiring bank, providing for the obligation to receive such payments.

Yurlitsa and individual entrepreneurs will be able to export goods (works and services) in cost in eq. up to $ 5,000 on the Internet without prepayment, if there is an export contract and with the condition of entering information into the EHMIS.

It is planned to create electronic trading platforms for the sale of products, raw materials and materials. They will be developed by Mininfoc.

Tougher measures to suppliers, organizers of trades and brokers for willful actions directed against business entities, as well as against people who violate the rules of exchange trade (collusion, overstatement of prices, untimely release of products, raw materials and materials sold at exchange trades, etc.).

Goskomkonkurentsii will develop an updated procedure for identifying monopolistically high and monopolistically low prices for products, raw materials and materials in commodity markets and applying measures to identify violations.

It is planned to ratify the Agreement on Conducting the Agreed Antimonopoly Policy (Moscow, 25.01.2000).

The project can be modified, amended or rejected.

The full text of these documents, with comments and links to other legislative acts related to it, can be found in the information retrieval system “Legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

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