Анализ доходности банковских активов

Тижорат банклари рентабеллиги даражасини таҳлил қилиш кенг ўрганилган мавзулардан бири ҳисобланади. Ушбу мавзу қанчалик чуқур ўрганилса, шунча амалиётда қўллаш мумкин бўлган фойдали таклифлар вужудга келмоқда. Шу нуқтаи назардан Банк активлари даромадлилигини таҳлил қилиш усулларини ўрганилиши долзарб мавзу деб ҳисобланди.
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Совершенствование банковских финансовых активов

Бугунги кунда банк фаолияти жадал ривожланиб бораётган экан, бунга асосан банкларни даромад келтираётган активлар ўрни алоҳида деб айта оламиз. Тижорат банклари фаолиятининг асосий пировард мақсади даромадни максимал даражада олишдан иборатдир. Шу нуктаи-назардан олганда, банк активларининг даромадлилигини баҳолаш муҳим аҳамият касб этади. Continue reading Совершенствование банковских финансовых активов


What we are facing inflation?

Картинки по запросу инфляцияInflation … inflation … inflation. Today, perhaps, there is not a single person in our country who, one way or another, would not use this term in simple usage.

With inflation, we come across everywhere. At the beginning of the year we, say, receive a salary of 1 million soums. Somehow they worked out – and enough. Only by the end of the year we begin to understand that the salary is the same, and the purchases seem to be the same, but there is a shortage in the family budget. Or I had to unplanned use a stash for no apparent reason. It turns out that we are forced to work more or look for additional sources of income to buy as much. This happens in all countries, albeit to varying degrees, because we live in an inflationary world.

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Why inflation is harmful and how to fight it

Картинки по запросу инфляцияЭкономические реформы дадут положительный эффект, только если мы сможем обуздать инфляцию.

Экономические реформы в разгаре. Идет процесс либерализации валютного рынка, вот-вот обменные курсы уравняются, население и бизнес смогут свободно покупать-продавать валюту в банках и обменных пунктах. Сокращаются барьеры для экспорта. Планируются меры по уменьшению административных издержек ведения бизнеса, облегчению доступа предпринимателей к материальным ресурсам. Обсуждается налоговая реформа. Неизбежно грядет банковская реформа. Планируются меры по развитию конкуренции и созданию равных условий ведения бизнеса. Публикуются планы проведения административной реформы. Continue reading Why inflation is harmful and how to fight it


Principles of Economics – G.Mankiw, textbook

Year: 1999
Author: Mankiw, NG
Category: Economy
Publisher: “Peter”
Format: pdf
Quality: the Scanned pages
Number of pages: 784

Description: The great economist XIX century. Alfred Marshall held that: “Economic science studies the normal functioning of human society.” It took over a hundred years, our knowledge of the economic activity of people greatly enriched, but the definition of A. Marshall is still valid.
Why student standing with one foot already in the XXI century., Should take up the study of economics? Tom, there are at least three reasons. The study of economic theory will help you to understand the realities of the world. Economics raises many interesting questions. Why is it so hard to find a house in New York or Moscow? Why airlines sell tickets “there and back” at a discount, if the passenger remains at the destination in the night from Saturday to Sunday? Why actor Jim Carrey gets such high fees? Why is the standard of living in many African countries is so low? Why are some countries covered by the “fire” of hyperinflation, while other prices are unchanged products? And this is only a small part of the questions that you can answer by studying an introductory economics course.

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