Let it be cash for pensioners and students of Uzbekistan

According to the TV channel gazeta.uz and Uzbekistan from February payment of all pensions in Uzbekistan will be carried out in cash in full without any restrictions. It provides the President Decree of February 2, “On additional measures to improve the payment mechanism of wages, pensions, allowances and scholarships.”

The document also stipulates that scholarships for students of higher educational institutions will be paid not less than 50% in cash.

In addition, it was found that the payment of wages to workers of budgetary organizations located in 58 mountainous and remote areas, as well as social benefits and payments to residents of these areas are carried out in cash in full without any restrictions.

Ministry of Finance, Pension Fund and postal organizations given strict instructions to ensure the regular payment of pensions not later than the 27th of the respective month.

According to the official commentary on the decision, since the creation of the Virtual reception the President at the end of September 2016 citizens have submitted more than 7,000 applications with complaints about late payment of wages, pensions, allowances and scholarships, unjustified transfer payments in non-cash form on plastic cards, as well as insufficient the level of development of the system of payment terminals and bank machines.

According to the resolution, it is planned to revise the critical situation in the region the proportion of the payment of wages in cash and by transfer on plastic cards. This really set up the infrastructure of payment terminals must be taken into account so that people have no problems with their wages and they were free to purchase their desired goods and services.

In the near future the Central Bank shall organize the work of commercial banks for the early elimination of existing violations and shortcomings, is subject to the payment of wages, pensions, allowances and stipends and similar payments. The aim is to ensure the smooth issuance of monetary funds from the accounts of business entities according to their demand.

Providing timely and full payment of wages, pensions, allowances and stipends will be under the supervision of the General Prosecutor’s Office, which will also examine the practical application of the rules to prosecute officials of commercial banks for violation of the established order.

Decision to assign personal responsibility to ensure the timely and uninterrupted payment of salaries, pensions, allowances and scholarships for the Attorney General Ikhtiyor Abdullayev, the Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Azimov and chairman of the Central Faizullah Mullajonov

Simultaneously, the Resolution provides for the development and implementation of a wide range of systemic measures, consistent with the principles of the market economy, aiming at full and timely receipt in cash commercial banks cash from the sphere of trade and services, in order to provide the banks with the necessary cash to pay salaries, pensions and other social payments.

The implementation of the decision of the President must fundamentally correct the situation with payments of salaries, pensions, allowances and stipends and similar payments and promote the full realization of the legitimate rights of citizens to receive their money in a convenient form for them.


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