Inflation in the consumer sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan for December 2017

1. Consolidated consumer price index (CPI) and inflation level

Consumer prices for goods and services in December 2017 increased by an average of 2.7%, including food – by 4.4%, non-food products – by 1.8% and services – by 0.8%.

As the diagram shows, the main inflation factor in December 2017 was the rise in prices for food products (the share of influence is 70.2%). For reference: in December 2016, the share of the influence of the increase in prices for food products on the total CPI growth was 73.3%, non-food products 22.2%, services 4.5%.

2. The consumer price index for food products

As noted above, food products for the month became more expensive on average by 4.4%, which ensured a total CPI increase of 1.9 percentage points. Reference: in December 2016, food prices went up by 2.0%.

Against the backdrop of rising prices for basic types of food products, in December 2017 there was a decline in prices for carrots – by 15.9%, cabbage – by 5.9%, mash – by 4.7%, poultry meat – by 4.5% .

3. Consumer price index for non-food products

Non-food products rose 1.8% for the month, which led to an increase in the CPI by another 0.6 pp. For reference: in December 2016, the growth in prices for non-food products amounted to 0.8%. About 75.0% of the total increase in prices for non-food products has made the following types of prices more expensive:

4. Consumer price index for services

Paid services for the population became more expensive in December at 0.8%. This led to an increase in the composite CPI by 0.2 pp. For reference: in December 2016, tariffs for services increased by 0.3%. The main inflation factors in this sphere were increases in tariffs for legal services and banking services – by 15.0%, household services by 1.6%, education services by 1.2% and medical services by 1.1%.

  1 percentage point

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