Robots lawyers are started working instead of bank employees

Sberbank Russia in 2017 will cut 3,000 jobs because of the lawyer of the robot, which will perform the functions of the relevant staff reductions for the development of robotics and undergo other specialties.


Gref: Sberbank will take a 80% solutions of artificial intelligence deputy chairman of the board of Sberbank Vadim Kulik, speaking at the Gaidar Forum.

“Just in the fourth quarter, we launched the lawyer of the robot, which itself can write the statement of claim. This is one example of a working robot. In fact, at the moment, this means that almost all the claims that are written have on individuals, fully pass on these robots during the first half of 2017 “, – said Kulik.

“This means that about 3,000 jobs, we will only release this specialty this year, and such plans, we are large enough such robots We currently produce a number of areas..” – He said.

Kulik later commented by the press service of the Savings Bank that the processing robot model claims lawyers Sberbank releases from routine work. “All standard claims will be transferred in the future to an automated format that frees lawyers from routine work and allows to focus on solving complex legal issues” – he said.
Sberbank will offer lawyers undergo retraining, but it will not save all of the layoffs, stated at the Gaidar Forum a top manager. “Accordingly, these people were in the retraining program. We have them going to share, how we can re-train, where we can use them. And if we do we can not apply, begin cutting. We are trying to still lay it in the procedure, in a natural process loss that it was not a push, jump “, – said Kulik.

“This is a big problem The more active we are developing a family of robots, the more professions are beginning to be exposed to this threat.” – Added the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank.

Source: RIA news.

It should be noted that the activities of many of the major banks in Uzbekistan also is visible routine task which has been running for over 10 years by the bank employees. Some bank employees before the extent used to do the same job, except that this task they can not do the other, or new works. It is necessary to pay attention not to the number of cases performed routine and the quality of work of employees. It is time for a change in the financial structure that stimulates the economy and the overall quality of life of society.

The need to deepen the reform in the banking and financial sector which is directly affected by the activities of each subject of the economy. It should be an innovative approach, and the modernization of the system as a whole, to respond to the demands of a market economy.

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