On the results of socio-economic development of Uzbekistan in 2016 and the most important priorities of economic program for 2017


Report of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev at the enlarged meeting (14.01.2017) of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the socio-economic development in 2016 and the most important priorities of economic program for 2017

Dear participants of the meeting!

Completed in 2016. It was a difficult year for Uzbekistan and its people. Convincing evidence for this was events of the last five months.

Past presidential elections and the festive events dedicated to the 24th anniversary of the Constitution of Uzbekistan, once again demonstrated to the world the strength of our state system, unity of all branches of government, society and all our people.

Today, next to us there is dear to all of us, Islam Karimov. However, we are always in their activities are guided by our first President developed strategic guidelines for implementing its own “Uzbek model” of development and creation of a modern state.

These principles are a solid foundation to continue to ensure political, economic and social reforms in Uzbekistan.

2017, we announced the Year of Dialogue with the people and interests. Accordingly, I propose to identify the main areas of discussion at this meeting. I believe we must focus your attention on these critical issues.

First, why are not achieved some indicators of development of industries and territories? Who is personally responsible for this?

Secondly, we are with you should identify the most important directions and priorities of economic program for 2017.

Thirdly, any strategic objectives we will implement in the next five years?

I consider it necessary to warn all those present: we must not get carried away, “victorious” reports and reports on the work done, and to focus on the shortcomings and their true reasons and specific proposals and problematic issues that require decisions of the government and the President.

I propose to hold a meeting to a greater extent in the form of a dialogue. Answers to these questions have to be very precise and clear. This equally applies not only to each of the Deputy Prime Minister, members of the government and others in this room, but all the heads of cities and districts of the republic.

Analyzing today onward progress of our country on the path of stable development, we have every reason to say that in the past year made decisive steps in the implementation of fundamentally important reforms.

The main objective of these reforms – provide a decent standard and quality of life of our people.

This course is a dynamic and sustainable development, it will certainly be continued in the future.

Critical analysis, strict discipline and personal responsibility should become the norm in the daily activities of every manager – be it the Prime Minister or his deputy, member of the government or hokim territory.

Today, the task of each of us, and especially the leaders of government, based on a critical analysis of the situation in the respective areas and sectors of responsibility to ensure the implementation of tasks entrusted to us. The time for this has come.

On this basis, and taking into account the suggestions received during the extensive discussion of the project for the further development of the Action Strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021 years, I bring a proposal to define the eleven most important priorities for 2017.

These key priorities listed in the minutes of today’s meeting. I am instructing the Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov within one month to submit a set of interrelated practical measures for their implementation.

The most important priority – the implementation of the State program “Year of a dialogue with the people and the interests of the man”, consistent implementation in the life of the noble idea of ​​”human interests – above all else.”

These key objectives should be the starting point to make serious adjustments in the main directions and priorities of deepening economic reforms. To realize this, the following tasks.

The first – to introduce new effective mechanisms and methods to establish an open dialogue with citizens, including statements to the public khokims all levels, heads of prosecutor’s office and the Interior. I think that an active part in this important work will be committees of the Legislative Chamber and the Senate.

It seems reasonable that since February 1 this year, Speaker of the Legislative Chamber and Chairman of the Senate Ismayilov N.Yuldashev also leaving the field, will provide practical help in addressing the urgent needs of the population on the basis of personal study situation.

Second – it is necessary to ensure the efficient organization of the activities of the People’s Republic of Uzbekistan receiving the President of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and Tashkent city, in every neighborhood and city, virtual receptionist President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The main purpose of all this work – to ensure a rapid and thorough examination of complaints and issues relating to legal interests of citizens. We can not once again chasing the numbers and “smooth” reports to organize campaigning. The people we’ll never forgive you!

From now on, if the applicant has received a written response will not be satisfied with the solution of the problem within the framework of the law, its handling of the monitoring will not be removed.

The third – a specially established commission headed by the Prime Minister must be within one week to finalize and submit for approval the draft State Program “Year of Dialogue with the people and the people’s interests.”

The most important priority is to further strengthen macroeconomic stability and maintaining high rates of economic growth, including the balance of the State budget at all levels, the stability of the national currency and domestic price level.

I consider it necessary once again to warn all the Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economy G. Saidova, Minister of Finance B.Hodzhaeva, chairmen of the tax and customs committees of their personal responsibility and B.Parpieva M.Tohiry for achieving the main indicators approved for 2017.

I emphasize that we can not agree with the proposals of management Complex macroeconomics – R.Azimov, Ministry of Economy – G. Saidova and finance – B.Hodzhaeva on forecasting the state budget deficit for the year.

It can and should only go on budget surplus. This is one of the strategic objectives, requiring no discussion, and the unconditional implementation.

To this end, it is necessary that the whole complex of macroeconomics became the norm permanent site visits, study possibilities of each family engaged in entrepreneurial activities, problem solving, increased funding and practical assistance to entrepreneurs.

Only in this way we will achieve the desired results. In this connection, also hokims and their first deputies are obliged to fundamentally change its working methods, and worldview.

Due to the development of practical measures to increase the tax base in each city and district, without taking into account the contribution of large enterprises should strictly ensure the withdrawal of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and subventional all districts of Tashkent region.

This year and for other khokimiyats, as well as the relevant bodies will be an exam on the reduction subventional.

This requires that all ministries and departments, which is part of macroeconomics, provided daily, weekly, efficient and hard work, without this it is impossible to achieve a result.

In this regard, Head of the macroeconomy (R.Azimov) should be brought to the lower parts of the control system are new and provide guaranteed results.

Dear friends!

Life itself demands of the people and put before us a new and ever more complex tasks that require practical solutions.

The main problem, in my opinion, is as follows.

First, it defined the isolation of individual departments and their heads on the concrete realities of life and the needs of the people.

Secondly, this is a superficial approach to the development of sectoral and regional concepts and programs.

Finally, the third major drawback – it is a cabinet style of address sensitive issues without in-depth study of the situation in sectors of the economy, on specific companies, cities and regions, especially in rural areas.

Therefore, I demand today from the Deputy Prime Minister did not take the position of lawyers of their departments, and, guided by the interests of the state above all, very clear and clearly answer these questions. Moreover, to give a principled and constructive feedback to each of the heads of governments that make up the complex.

What is the situation in basic industries that are the foundation of sustainable development of the economy?

Why is the government creating the necessary conditions are not ensured stability and stable dynamics? And finally, why an experienced leader G.Ibragimovym complex released from the hands of the reins of effective management?

Referring to the specific facts.

The system of “Uzbekneftegaz” – A.Sultanov – despite the huge capital investment in 2010-2016 years, which amounted to nearly 20 billion US dollars, decreased production of liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas.

The import of raw materials increased by 1.3 times. Constantly frustrated timing of major and vital projects. In “Uztransgaz” system, where 40 thousand people work, overdue receivables grew by 14 percent.

Why you Ghulam Inomovich manifest inertia in relation to the situation in the system of JSC “Uzkimyosanoat” you previously headed? Why always “fever” this industry? Who should answer personally for failure and shortage of phosphate fertilizers for agriculture? How many times over the past 10 years has increased the price of fertilizers?

A natural question arises: a reduced cost of fertilizer how many times? Unfortunately, the answer to the natural question is no. Who suffers from this? Of course, our farmers and farmers.

Why is the presence at the JSC “Uzbekenergo” a huge army of workers – 67 thousand people, including so-called “builders” of payments, it is impossible to understand the true causes of the huge receivables. Figuratively speaking, “on one side is” the coal industry.

Why you have not completed until the end of this to you three years ago, instructed carefully deal with dozens of groups created to implement projects with a bloated state employees, including selected on the basis of family ties, and with a huge salary?

I beg you, and subordinate leaders answer to you today on these issues. In addition, in the I half of this year, it is necessary to focus on the following objectives:

first – to ensure personal responsibility and K.Sanakulova A.Farmanova for the unconditional implementation of the recently approved program to increase production at Navoi and Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine. We can not be satisfied with the pace of 1-2 percent.

In this regard, G.Ibragimovu necessary to accelerate the introduction of the draft document on the implementation of construction orders for new plants and increase production of precious metals;

the second – is a timely input of all strategically important objects, not only this year but in the next 3-5 years;

the third – to work out and present a set of concrete measures to increase the export of oil and gas production, a sharp reduction in imports and the creation of joint ventures to increase the amount of localization of production equipment.

No analysis of the import of equipment imported in the past 10 years, agencies complexes Cabinet.

Nobody is interested in the localization of its production, this subject was not being pursued. A logical question is: what is the basis of this approach?

Therefore, continue on the eve of the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on the results of each quarter for individual meetings will be heard reports from each of the Deputy Prime Minister on the state of import reduction and cost reduction, expansion of localization. objective assessment of their work will be given.

Special attention is required Goscomgeology system, as well as the effectiveness of the work of its chairman I.Turamuratova. It should soon report Development Program and the reproduction of the mineral resource base in the years 2017-2021.

The situation that has developed in the Engineering Complex, headed by Deputy Prime Minister U.Rozukulovym, raises serious concerns.

First of all, the industry’s automotive industry, which you head, the production volumes for the last three years decreased by 2.8 times. This seriously affected the growth of not only the industry, but also the gross domestic product. The import multiple times the export and localization level is less than 20 per cent of imports.

Not provided a fundamental review of the entire system of agricultural machinery, which in essence was to become not only a solid foundation for the mechanization of agriculture and facilitate the work of our farmers, but also a guaranteed source of replenishment of foreign exchange balance of the country.

In recent years, do you personally have weakened HR work. At the suggestion of the head of your company “Uzeltehsanoat” he was appointed E.Iminov. What are the results of his work and the industry as a whole?

Study of many investment projects being delayed. The demand of the domestic market in many products is satisfied by no more than 50 percent. Dips on export jobs.

I can not even remember, as an example, that you and the head of the company, attracting foreign investment and advanced equipment, set up meet the requirements of competitive production time.

Are you satisfied that the initiative to show entrepreneurs themselves. Branch is still in the amorphous state.

Because you recommended for the post of head of the agency “Uzstandard” A.Kurbanova and lack of rigor to it in the industry have not been achieved and concrete outcomes. The country implemented only 13 percent of 21 thousand standards of the International Organization for Standardization.

Therefore I require from you, and industry leaders to report today a package of measures on realization of the following tasks:

first – you need a fundamentally new system of development of the automotive industry, enhance the competitiveness of its products, primarily in the markets of near and far abroad.

However, I am not referring to the so-called “screwdriver assembly”, and the sustainable development of the primary and secondary sectors, further reduction of unnecessary expenses and costs, as well as increased profitability, increased localization and reducing imports;

the second – is the production of a variety of electrical appliances at affordable prices for the population;

the third – in the past year, we adopted a package of important documents on the reorganization and the creation of “Uzagrotehsanoatholding”. Question: What specific measures will be taken by you for their successful implementation, and ensure the stable operation of this most important industry?

fourth – the need for a radical restructuring of the entire system of standardization to domestic products meet modern international standards.

A key focus of the work for you, the other Deputy Prime Ministers in 2017, of course, should be the implementation of comprehensive measures to further develop the export potential of industries and areas of the republic.

It is not just about rates of growth of exports. On the agenda are much more serious issues. This – the competitiveness of domestic technologies, the development of know-how, introduction of modern information and communication technologies, that is, the implementation of systematic measures to ensure the production of quality products.

Provisions have enormous. Despite this, last year the forecast figures are not provided in the amount of 1 billion 540 million dollars.

Of these, 570 million dollars accounted for enterprise systems, and 970 million dollars not backed by economic entities in the regions. The number of countries where our products are exported at reduced from 176 to 138 compared to 2010.

At the same time enterprises Complex engineering, concern “Uzpharmsanoat” and JSC “Uzbekenergo” import tens of times greater than exports.

In JSC “Uzstroymaterialy” systems, and the company “Uzbekneftegaz” the volume of localized products does not exceed 25-30 per cent of imports.

Why did you not made concrete proposals on the definition of the personal responsibility of Tashkent city administration and governor R.Usmanova areas that have withdrawn from this important work carried out by only 42 per cent as a result of the forecast for the year?

Or how do you explain the fact that in Andijan, Kashkadarya and Fergana regions, led by experienced khokims Sh.Abdurahmanovym, Z.Ruzievym Sh.Ganievym and forecasts made by only 65-85 percent?

Now I would like to focus on the tasks in 2017.

We have to ensure that the export of products in the amount of 10.8 billion dollars. What therefore urgent problem we need to solve?

The first – a 15-day period must provide a detailed development and approval at a meeting of a special commission, headed by U.Rozukulovym, a program of action not complexes, since it does not justify itself, and for any and all exporting enterprises.

The second problem – the implementation of contracts concluded in 2016 at the international trade fairs held in the city of Tashkent and abroad for the supply of products totaling 7.7 billion dollars.

It is necessary to more actively continue the work to find new sales markets in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Belarus, as well as other countries. However, it should be noted that the mandate for the establishment of such cooperation with Bulgaria remained without result.

This work required to more actively involved in our diplomatic missions abroad. First Deputy Chairman of the Senate S.Safaevu, Foreign Minister A.Kamilovu should be set for this control.

The third task – exports of small businesses and private entrepreneurship through JSC “Uztadbirkoreksport” and “Uzsanoateksport” as well as the Foundation of the National Bank. It is necessary to ensure the export of no less than 1.5 billion dollars.

The fourth task – is the export of fruits and vegetables. I instruct the Deputy Prime Minister Z.Mirzaevu 15 days to thoroughly investigate the causes of short supply in the past year, the fruits and vegetables by 650 million dollars and to make concrete proposals.

We must certainly take into account the potential and opportunities of the 66 special districts of the republic. Now the quest line of office are responsible hokims these areas and their first deputies.

Deputy Prime Minister – Chairman of the special commission U.Rozukulovu and a new department to deal with these practical tasks necessary to ensure the coordination of actions of the state and economic management, as well as the first deputy governor of regions, cities and districts for economic reform and enterprise.

I particularly call your attention to a critical analysis of the situation in these two complexes, as well as personal responsibility and G.Ibragimova U.Rozukulova.

The reason is that we are placing great hope on them, because from them depends largely on the development of not only the industry but also the entire country’s economy. I want to warn them personally, as well as the heads of the organizations that make up these systems, if not provided real results in the I half of this year, I will be forced to take to them more stringent measures.

Dear participants of the meeting!

It is well known that in the social sector especially high priority we attach to strengthening people’s health, maternal and child health, reliable provision of population drugs upbringing physically healthy and spiritually mature young generation.

What problems exist in these important areas? Turning to the Deputy Prime Minister A.Ikramovu, who worked as the Minister of Health earlier, I want to ask:

Firstly, why after all these years does not ensure effective primary health care reform, and especially rural health units, which today lacks doctors in 2500, and they are very poorly equipped with medical supplies and equipment?

Second, do not you know that because of the low level of diagnosis and lack of qualifications of our doctors about 30 thousand of our citizens each year are forced to travel abroad for treatment and spend the huge amounts of money from the family budget?

Third, when you hover your order and ensure the stable operation of all units ambulance? Why they are often not able to provide emergency care to patients really?

Fourth, when to stop negative phenomena among the medical staff? Only in the past year in this area initiated 174 criminal cases. At a recent meeting with health professionals, I particularly noticed this in particular to the cases of extortion in maternity complexes, your attention and the attention of other managers of the system.

Fifth, why the serious environmental problems are you doing enough? Do not they affect the people’s health and ensuring a prosperous epidemiological situation in the country?

Sixth, why you personally and the CEO of “Dori-Darmon” A.Kamilov see “a blind eye” and do not take effective measures to address the serious shortcomings in the network of pharmacies, where 45 percent of high-cost drugs – imported, and at inflated prices?

Another important area of ​​work of your complex – the development of physical culture and sports. Of course, in recent years in this area, especially in the field of higher sports skills, we have some success. And we are proud of them.

However, at the last Olympics prizes won only in weightlifting, boxing, wrestling and judo. What is the reason for this?

Over the last 5 years on the development of physical culture and sports, as well as strengthening their material and technical basis of the budget allocated 1 trillion 230 billion soums. And that’s not counting funds from the National Olympic Committee.

The country has a strong base of children’s sports development as well as high sports and Olympic reserve. What is still needed basis and any additional conditions and means?

It is necessary to delve deeper into these issues.

In view of the above, it is necessary to ensure the implementation of the following tasks:

first – to accelerate the preparation of documents and proposals to address these shortcomings and implementation of orders on the SVP, a specialized high-tech medical centers and emergency stations;

the second – a set of measures is needed to create an effective system of training of doctors and other health professionals both in our country and in leading foreign clinics, as well as, if appropriate, their financial incentives;

the third – in cooperation with the supervisory authorities should be tough to restore order in the implementation of 340 kinds of medicines and medical products at fixed prices. Every citizen must feel the real benefits of the decisions we have taken.

Along with this, it is necessary to ensure effective implementation of the approved in September last year, the Programme for the further development of the pharmaceutical industry in the years 2016-2020;

fourth – under special control should be the implementation of the approved programs of state support for the elderly and disabled. Each benefit and social support measure should be sure to get to a particular destination;

the fifth – should work together with First Deputy Prime Minister A.Ramatovym soon present a set of proposals to improve the situation in the field of the environment, and above all on strengthening of state control in the field of treatment of waste;

Six – draw your attention and personally – Minister B.Ahmedova the need for more efficient use of the powerful base of physical culture and sports.

We can not settle for just “Umid Nihollari”, “Barkamol Avlod” and the Universiade. We need a serious breeding work on the selection and training of talented young men and women.

It should also be noted that prepared for our meeting faceless report B.Ahmedov minister does not hold water. No analysis, no specific proposals. Apparently, therefore, the situation in the development of culture have limited mainly to the jubilee celebrations. Neither you nor your deputies did not even try to radically change the situation for the better, giving this area a new content.

Dear friends!

The life and experience of the past years requires us to address the serious problems in the provision of complex development of territories and the creation of a radical restructuring of infrastructure. Therefore, in the structure of the Cabinet of Ministers established a new complex, chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Department. Their main task – to create a stable functioning system for the following two areas:

first – the precise coordination of khokimiyats and industry governing bodies for the implementation of urgent and long-term objectives of development of regions, cities, regions and the Republic of Karakalpakstan. The goal – to remove the serious imbalances in the economy and the social sphere, and, most importantly, in the living standards of the people;

the second – the development, implementation and monitoring of the achievement of the forecast parameters for the development and modernization of road transport, engineering, communications and social infrastructure programs. The ultimate goal – is to create a reliable infrastructure for sectors of the economy and favorable conditions for the population in urban and rural areas.

I consider it necessary to pay attention A.Ramatova that from him personally and the two departments is required:

first – to ensure efficient operation of all departments that make up the complex. No need to put forward proposals and unreasonable to take hasty decisions. The other day, for these reasons, I had to return a comprehensive program to address the problems of the Aral Sea region. Please do not repeat these mistakes;

the second – you need to complete and submit as soon as draft resolutions to address the major issues of concern raised during the meetings with voters in all 14 regions;

the third – it is the practical implementation of 12 social and infrastructure programs, designed for 2017-2021 years. Of these, 8 programs have already been approved. It is necessary in the near future to finalize and submit a package of documents on the further improvement of the transport and trade services, drinking water supply, reconstruction of roads.

Also on the agenda is the establishment of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services. The approval of these projects you unreasonably prolonged;

Fourth – it is necessary to face the problems of substantial investment in the development of the regions of the republic. In this regard, I bring the proposal as a “pilot” project on the example of the National Bank of foreign economic activity, to introduce a system when its territorial divisions, along with the implementation of the main tasks will be added to provide a set of measures to engage in investment activity as its own funds and external sources of funding. Head S.Rahimov Bank must submit their proposals.

In addition, there are a number of key tasks that are not urgent. Among them – a radical reorganization of the whole system Gosarchitectstroy, outdated methodologies and standards in town planning, the elimination of disparities and problems in the capital construction, as well as the revision of the inefficient activity of design institutes.

Here are some facts. It adopted a package of documents on the improvement of urban development, but many of them were left without proper supervision. 18 general plans of cities and urban settlements, developed in 2012-2015, has not yet been approved.

Guidelines Committee did not monitor the implementation of the mandate given 3 years ago, the establishment of the Councils for the improvement of district architects, strengthen their material and technical base and allocation of “Damas” cars.

Of the 850 design and survey organizations having a license, only 147, or 17 percent of the total, involved in the implementation of the national investment program.

We must frankly admit that one of our most serious shortcoming is the lack of design institutes that meet modern requirements. Their material and technical base is at a level of 80-ies. Not even worth talking about the level of their use of information and communication technologies, achievements of modern science, architecture and design.

Therefore, life itself dictates the need to establish in each region one or two modern design institutes.

It should be noted that in a significant squandered public funds and resources. Last year, inspections are removed volumes of contractual works in the amount of 4.7 billion soums. During the examination the estimated cost of 24 thousand projects have been reasonably lowered to 1.5 trillion soums.

The question arises: is it about these serious shortcomings do not know B.Zakirov and his first deputy A.Tohtaev? Why are you both doing only individual objects, but does not delve into these problems and solve them?

In 20 days it is necessary to make concrete proposals for a radical reorganization of the whole system.

We are not satisfied with the situation in the road construction. The fault of the Ministry of Finance and the Road Fund is constantly there is an acute lack of funding. Not resolved the issues of stable supply of bitumen, do not stop the theft, high staff turnover.

Last year, we replaced “Uzkommunkhizmat” agency management and JSC “Uzstroymaterialy”. But the new leaders of these organizations I.Mahkamov B.Zaripov and do not show the necessary initiative.

I hope that today concrete answers to these questions will be given in the report A.Ramatova and other leaders. On the other leaders, I will certainly be meeting in the near future within the framework of the President of the members of the government reports that have already been introduced at the beginning of this year. Please carefully prepare all without exception, the leaders and governor territories.

Given the seriousness and gravity of the situation on the ground, we have appointed A.Ramatova first deputy prime minister and instructed him to this difficult area of ​​work. Therefore, if all of the Deputy Prime Minister, hokims, heads of ministries and departments, working together, will not help him, and will not have any active assistance, it would be difficult to expect a desired result.

Therefore A.Ramatovu granted the right to make changes to the approved address infrastructure construction programs and social facilities on the basis of the real situation on the ground.

Dear participants of the meeting!

Of course, we all understand that the success of economic reforms and social changes, above all, determined by the efficiency of the activity of economic and financial bodies.

They are designed to not only develop, but also to ensure the implementation of strategic objectives to strengthen the economic power of our country, designed for short and long term.

Several years ago, at a meeting of the government was subjected to harsh criticism of the activities of the Ministry of Economy and its former head R.Gulyamova. It was stressed that the Ministry of Economy does not provide adequately function “locomotive” of ministries and departments of the republic. Unfortunately, we must openly admit that this problem has not been solved so far.

I propose to refer to the specific facts and problems.

First – this is the results of the implementation of targeted programs that reveal the effectiveness of reforms. Among them we should note the following economic and financial indicators in industry and other sectors: the state of production capacity, cost reduction and cost, increased localization, profitability and competitiveness.

With cost reduction by an average of 10 percent of the industry on a separate production of chemical and light industry, automotive industry, construction industry and other industries because of its high cost is not competitive on foreign markets. Individual companies generally operate at a loss.

Old outdated methods of formation of the localization program. How do you explain the fact that, along with the forecast of exports, we carefully and meticulously do not expect imports?

Just last year imported goods almost $ 400 million, already localized in the country. Particularly fond of this joint-stock company “Uzbekenergo” and “Uzstroymaterialy” AMMC, Concern “Uzfarmsanoat”.

Now, dear Galina Karimovna, you are a minister of the economy continue to the end of each month and quarter, based on the analysis of the situation, will personally make a report to the country’s President a note on measures to reduce costs and imports, as well as increase the level of localization, received the heads of economic associations and khokimiyats.

A memorandum should be given in-depth analysis to reflect the actions taken or not taken measures, and to make concrete proposals. Enough to blindly follow the instructions of deeply thoughtful individual managers. On this basis, a monthly basis under the chairmanship of the President of the country will be given to conference calls and personal evaluation.

At one time, you personally, Galina Karimovna, Minister of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade Elyor Ganiev proposed the creation of free economic zones. The initiative is good, but it was not until the end backed by concrete action.

Confirming The data on free economic zone “Navoi”. Over the past 8 years it sold only 24 projects with a very low share of foreign direct investment. It employs only 900 people. Last year, production decreased by 24 per cent.

The Decree on the establishment of a new basis of free economic zones “Urgut”, “Gijduvan”, “Kokand” and “Khazarasp”. We can not allow us to repeat the mistakes of the past years.

Almost 10 years ago, the Ministry of Economy Guide strongly suggested not to develop and approve the balance for fruit and vegetables. What this could lead, above all in the domestic consumer market, today we see the example of others. Moreover, we would be deprived of an important article replenish foreign exchange balance.

Critical analysis of the state of affairs requires to attract foreign investment, especially direct. The share of direct investment dropped to 30 percent.

Inefficient use loans from international financial institutions, especially in the systems of the Republican Road Fund and agencies’ Uzkommunkhizmat “acts as the customer project. Because there is no systematic work, neither control nor responsibility.

One of the main obstacles is the bureaucratic procedures for the examination of projects and tenders. No significant changes and the results even after the establishment of the Agency for the examination of the technical and economic substantiation of the project, there is no initiative at its head Sh.Hoshimova.

Government Decree № 110 on these issues “petrified” and not been revised for 10 years. This skillfully use some “dishonest” managers and specialists of expert bodies. Please, Karimovna Galina, a 15-day deadline to submit proposals on amendments to the Decree.

The fault khokims areas very unsatisfactory is the situation on the ground by attracting foreign investment.

To give just one example. For the realization of 18 projects in Kashkadarya, Namangan and Surkhandarya regions only $ 55 million investment has been attracted as a whole, that is, an average of $ 3 million for the project.

Undoubtedly, this is not enough in the conditions, when implemented approved by the President of the country’s industry and infrastructure special program for the development of these regions.

Therefore hokims all territories, together with banks given instructions following each quarter contribute to the President of the country memoranda on the state of attracting foreign investment. State Councilor U.Ismailovu instructed to take it under control.

Do all of the above issues are not within the purview of the Ministry of Economy and its leadership? You can not rely on the idea that “… we have developed and approved, and you have to perform and be responsible for the results.” You can not unreasonably wrong and constantly guided by the principle: our decision – it is the truth and the law of last resort!

In this regard, I ask the Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov accelerate the development and submission of documents to ensure the reorganization of the entire system of the Ministry. It must be borne in mind the introduction to its structure abolished consolidated offices and departments of the republic’s economy khokimiyats.

But most importantly – it is necessary to provide a fundamental review of the tasks and functions of the Ministry of Economy. At the same time as the most important task should be to determine the responsibility of the Ministry, its leaders, including the Minister personally, for the final results, as well as the economic and social implications of the proposed concepts, programs, and making decisions on them. Government, together with the Legislative Chamber and the Senate need to work out the legal basis of the proposal.

Strict adherence to fiscal policy, social obligations of the state, wages, pensions and scholarships, financing of large investment projects and strengthening the country’s defense – the realization of these important tasks, primarily determined by the efficiency of the Ministry of Finance activities, and personally minister.

Addressing the participants of our meeting, I think it necessary to ask the following questions:

How effective are these tasks?

Why, despite the fact that the Regulation on the Ministry of Finance was approved in 1992, for 25 years we have not been revised radically main tasks and functions of the ministry? Do not touch the reform of the Ministry and its leaders? Why is the Ministry, with its almost 16 thousand employees – and it is a bloated central office, territorial authorities, the Treasury, the Audit Bureau, Pension and 4 specialized fund, the maintenance of which is spent about 350 billion soums per year – does not ensure effective fulfillment of its most important tasks, strengthening of the financial stability of the economy and the social sphere?

Certain decisions on the most important programs, projects and key tasks are not supported by any real sources of funding, or funded by a residual principle. Why is “suffering” payment discipline?

Of the 18 trillion soums of accounts receivable of about 11 trillion, or more than 60 percent continue to be receivable over 3 years.

Why is this issue are not engaged in the Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Central Bank, which led the Commission to reduce the arrears?

Why, introducing plastic cards, you are not carefully thought through all the mechanisms? Why many workers, especially budgetary organizations – teachers, doctors, officials – and even pensioners have to suffer from the “innovations” of individual officials?

Of course, the State budget is not dimensionless, and it is necessary to ensure austerity, carefully targeted and efficient use of funds. This is an obvious and indisputable fact. But then why the “bloated” cell phones Treasury and Audit Department?

They employ 4000 people, which are spent each year 90 billion soums of public funds. On a deep conviction of managers and specialists of these subdivisions, “they are designed only to control and punish others.”

Is it possible to just “whip and sword” to achieve the desired results? I believe that this is not just a misconception, and a profound error. And where is the painstaking prevention work?

Last year alone, thousands of organizations in 22 identified theft and untargeted spending nearly 200 billion soums. Most of them falls on the social institutions. Solving these problems should be the subject for the active work, along with the heads of ministries, appointed First Deputy Minister of Finance Zh.Kuchkarova.

I ask the Chamber of Accounts (K.Akmalov) in a month is not only comprehensive study of the efficacy and intended use of funds of the state budget, but also to submit proposals, firstly, on the personal responsibility of the heads of the measures, and secondly, practical action to address long overdue questions .

I believe we must pay special attention to the forms and methods of management of the Ministry of Finance, its business units and apparatus.

The vast majority of the government orders them realized a gross violation of the terms often suffers and the quality of work. Moreover, their self-confidence remains “at a height”.

Why did the leaders of other departments, instead of receiving competent advice to address the specific problems of the state must constantly deal with the facts of bureaucracy and red tape, and arrogance, and the vagaries of individual deputy ministers?

Why, finally, sometimes degrading, and who gave that right ?! Why does the Deputy Prime Minister or a member of the government must often wait for hours in the waiting room? Why is the head of the industry department of the Cabinet of Ministers of the days and weeks of waiting for the surface “presentation” for serious problems, and then the document back for revision?

And all this staff does not regulate the assistant and ignorant and tactless receiving inspector?

I think that the time has come to find a clear and precise answers to these difficult and important questions. In this regard, the Prime Minister and the new Minister Abdulla Aripov B.Hodzhaevu instructed in a month’s time to make concrete proposals for a radical revision of the organizational structure of the Ministry of Finance, its tasks and functions.

It requires a critical analysis of the state of personnel work. I think that there should be certification of heads and officials of the entire system of financial bodies.

Of course, the undeniable fact that if Rustam Azimov had the desire to see these serious shortcomings and problems, and to exercise due diligence in their decisive lead elimination, we would today have a more significant results in the economic and financial spheres.

We can not be satisfied with only a “victorious” reports and memoranda, which are prepared by persons not related to the problems and wishful thinking.

And the reality is the following serious problems for which you are personally responsible of office.

The first – a non-conjugated high rates of economic growth and the degree of satisfaction of the growing demand for investment resources.

The second – the existence of disparities in the cash and non-cash circulation.

The third – lack of local budgets for financing sustainable socio-economic development of territories. I do not think that you will challenge these obvious facts. I am waiting for you to real proposals.

It does not provide adequate guidance and efficiency of administration, which is part of macroeconomics. In this regard, I charge you personally:

first – to examine whether perform effectively and fully with their tasks and functions of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade, as well as its leaders and E. Ganiev Sh.Tulyaganov? This is a fundamental question. What exactly is now the central apparatus of the Ministry and its territorial divisions with a total of 163 human workers?

Prime Minister within 10 days it is necessary to make proposals on these urgent questions;

the second – it is necessary to radically review the effectiveness of the Ministry of Labor and its leader A.Abduhakimova.

Despite the need for employment of 1.5 million people last year, employment assistance center will provide employment of 248,000 people, or 16.5 percent.

The main reasons – it is outdated forms and methods of work, and formalism in solving employment problems.

Not eliminated numerous facts of additions, especially on the implementation of tripartite agreements on employment of graduates of professional colleges.

Solving these problems should be one of the priorities of the entire complex macroeconomic and personally the Minister of Labour.

I instruct you, Rustam Sadykovich, a 15-day period to make concrete proposals on the introduction of a fundamentally new effective mechanism, which provides the connection to the work of employees of territorial divisions of economic and financial agencies, banking institutions and the Center of secondary special and professional education, as well as the first deputy khokims all levels.

In a specific example, I can tell the real way to solve this problem. In a densely populated district of Andijan region Altinkul are 7 professional colleges, which this year 2300 graduates finish with different specialties. The district operated 714 business entities, including in the industry – 371, in construction – 167, trade and services – 156 and other areas. On average, each of them accounting for 3 graduate.

The problem can be the master, if the 400 employees of the economic complex who receive salaries from the budget, will provide practical assistance to these enterprises in the implementation of effective action. For example, some help the company in obtaining a loan, someone else – in the acquisition of raw materials or to give qualified advice.

It is necessary today to provide not only private anchorage each graduate of a particular enterprise, but also to clearly define its future workplace, wages and social conditions.

All this should be consolidated legal instrument, and most importantly, to determine not only duties but also the personal responsibility of the head of an economic entity.

Only in this case we will be able to fulfill the obligations of the state to students and their parents. It is necessary to work out and adopt a similar practice for graduates of the republic.

The next important task – is to increase the personal responsibility of the heads of the complex, khokims and their first deputies of the radical change of the whole system solutions employment problems. On this issue, I bring a proposal:

in the first place – in providing khokims performance parameters to create new jobs at the end of each month, they encouraged a 15 percent premium to the salary. At default, respectively, with wages held 15 per cent;

secondly – the first deputy governor directly responsible for this area of ​​work, respectively, encouraged or punished by withholding 20 per cent of the wages.

I am instructing the Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov and Deputy Prime Minister R.Azimov 15 days to make the President a draft resolution on the implementation of the country from March 1 this year, the proposed system of financial incentives in matters of employment;

Third – we can now also firmly demand that the chairman Goskomkonkurentsii D.Hidoyatova answer to the questions: Why do you personally Committee and division do not control or do not provide the final result?

Why you instead of practical solutions to these problems, with vast “joy” to report to me about his unsuccessful trips abroad and “presentation”?

Today, we have the right to ask directors and working groups that regularly travel to trips abroad, spending huge sums from the budget:

where concrete results, where investors and investments, of which you boasted and wrote “excellent” memoranda?

You, Mr. Khidoyatov, being the head of the authorized state committee, from whom demand tasks in your field? Only for the implementation of the South Korean businesses to investors and their investments attraction you have organized several business forums. And where is the promised results?

If you count all your expenses on trips abroad, the money could buy at least 2 large enterprises.

According to the “zero” purchase price realized in 1027 objects. Of course, this is a good result. But why do most of them, except for a few, are not exploited and is in ruins?

What’s on their base created what capacity and production are organized, how many people are employed? Why is the share of 15 percent of the capital realized by foreign investors in only half of the 119 joint-stock companies?

Who today must answer personally for squandering state property? Of course, first and foremost you are a chairman of the committee.

Repeating the mistakes of previous leaders, acting inertly and only doing the statistics, you are missing the main thing – respect for the country and the people domain.

I instruct you, for the last time, together with the head of the complex (R.Azimov) and the Service of the State Advisor for Cooperation with the Oliy Majlis (O.Muradov) in 20-day term to present a set of concrete measures, which provides: vo-pervyh, eliminating these problem issues; Second, careful consideration of the legal obligations and responsibilities of directors and officers omission inefficient use or waste of sold and purchased state property.

Do not eliminated the old approaches to the State Statistics Committee of activity management. The applied methodology of calculations and the data do not reveal the full reasons for the shortcomings and problems that require operational and practical measures.

In recent years, without due attention to the head of the complex remained an important area such as tourism. We must definitely and, most importantly, effectively correct this error. So far, we have decided to only structure dedicated to the development of tourism.

These solutions must be backed by concrete measures to increase the contribution of tourism to the development of Uzbekistan’s economy, the promotion of our historical and cultural values, as well as the completion of foreign exchange reserves. To perform this task, given 1 month.

To a large extent, these problems are caused by the fact that there is no systematic work with economic units of ministries, business associations and khokimiyats of the Republic.

Has anyone ever and ever listened to them – what problems they are doing and what challenges they face, not to mention the specific professional help?

As I presented the reports and could not find the answer to important questions. First – how many people work? Second – who work in these structures: the manager, or the problems in the field of reforms engaged people are completely distant from the economy? Once again, I am instructing the head of the complex subject to tackle this problem. But now the demand will be more stringent.

There is another important area that requires close attention and daily manager R.Azimov complex, appropriate structures and khokimiyats of the Republic. This is to ensure further development and effective protection of private property and entrepreneurship.

What prevents you personally meet with entrepreneurs who are, of course, you will be asked unpleasant questions?

In the course of personal meetings with them I am firmly convinced that such questions they have full and legitimate right. That’s right, they have suffered in the multi-day lines for various certificates, approvals and certificates, obtaining credit, as well as illegal inspections, loss of economic and financial benefit.

While many of these entrepreneurs with a genuine citizenship, providing selfless assistance to orphans, families in need, in the communities and social institutions.

What they get in return? The first – is the fear that they will again check to oppress and not to give the freedom to work and support his family. Therefore, even in the absence of flaws and irregularities in their activities they have to “negotiate” with officials at various levels.

I think that all of the above you, Rustam Sadykovich, be sure to make a self-critical conclusions and for the year at a meeting of the government report the actual results.

Dear friends!

In 2016, it continued systematic work on further deepening of economic reforms and structural changes in agriculture.

At the same time I consider it necessary to today’s meeting of the government to give a personal assessment of individual managers, who do not ensure compliance with the targets and priorities set for 2016.

First – it is the shortcomings in the optimization of land size. In Tashkent, Namangan, Jizzakh, Surkhandarya and Kashkadarya regions is carried out not at the proper level.

District councils of people’s deputies made serious mistakes in the selection of applicants for the establishment of farms.

Second – some farmers do not have sufficient working capital, necessary equipment and other material and technical resources that had a negative impact on crop yields, the performance of contractual obligations and the profitability of farms in general.

Third – due to lack of organization of work and personal irresponsibility of individual managers, including former khokims Surkhandarya, Syrdarya, Jizzakh and Bukhara regions, and in some areas farmers have not received the expected yield of raw cotton.

In Kasansay, angora, Muzrabad, Kyzyrykskom, Sherabad, Kuyichirchik and Qo’shtepa District contractual obligations have been fulfilled only by 60-65 percent. Not achieve the targets for harvesting grain in the state resources in Zarbdarskom, Pakhtakor, Arnasay, Mirzaabad, Khavast, Sardobskom, Gulistan, Chust and Bekabad districts.

Each of these facts in the record of this meeting and in principle a tough assessment should be given.

In 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, companies and other agencies, as well as khokimiyats of all levels will implement the following key priorities:

first – to further optimize the structure of sown areas and crops, the active introduction of advanced agricultural technologies and productivity growth, increase the production of vegetables, fruits and grapes;

the second – is to strengthen the financial and economic situation of farms. In the past 10 years, an undifferentiated growing prices for mineral fertilizers, fuels and lubricants, seeds and purchase prices of raw cotton and grain;

the third – it’s frozen, “petrified” and absolutely imperfect system of financing agricultural activities, born in previous years by the Ministry of Finance and its Foundation.

Not the first time I ask the question: how to grow products for public procurement at such an irresponsible approach to the financing of agriculture? But there is no clear answer so far. Why?

On January 1 this year through the Fund underpaid farmers about 300 billion soums. A natural question arises: if the farmer has faithfully fulfilled its obligations to the state, then why the state and the individual leaders so indifferent and inattentive? Who is responsible for this? Who should and must personally answer?

fourth – we have to take decisive measures to address a number of problems in the work created in recent years, the new government in the agricultural sector.

First of all we are talking about the company “Uzpahtasanoateksport” (A.Kamalov) and within its structure of joint-stock companies – “Uzpahtasanoat” (Ya.Hidirov), “Uzpahtaeksport” (Zh.Kadyrov) and “Uzpahta-Yog” (V.Dzhuraev) .

Work on the modernization of these sectors and the implementation of investment projects, including the creation of centers for the processing of raw cotton, is organized satisfactorily.

Accumulating questions to the leaders of the company “Uzbekozikovkat-holding” and O.Rustamovu A.Salimovu. The share of processing of fruits and vegetables does not even reach 20 per cent. It is slowly introducing new technologies and standards.

In joint ventures fell sharply output. Time Limit and confidence in these leaders will soon be exhausted. They have to draw conclusions.

No modern approaches and innovation in the activities of the leaders of “O’zbekyengilsanoat” – I.Haydarova “Uzvinprom-holding” – Sh.Rahimova and “Uzbekcharmpoyabzali ‘Association – M.Mansurova.

Here are the concrete facts. In the structure of exports remains high relative weight of yarn – 53 percent. The level of satisfaction of people’s needs in a shoe is 41 percent. Inefficient many specialized enterprise for growing grapes and producing wine and spirits.

The implementation of these priorities and will be the first serious test for the new Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources Z.Mirzaeva. I beg you in the near future to identify and report to the complex system of measures for their implementation.

Dear participants of the meeting!

Today, from the Deputy Prime Minister – Chairman of the Women’s Committee T.Narbaevoy we are waiting for a response, and specific proposals for practical solution of these urgent tasks.

The first – is to strengthen the sacred for all of us family foundations, the creation of a quiet family, friendly and supportive atmosphere, substantiate the spiritual and educational work.

The second problem is related to improper to our people so bitter and painful issues, such as increasing the number of crimes among women and family divorces, getting them under the influence of various religious extremist movements and terrorist organizations.

The third – a question of rational employment of women. Lame work on creation for women is not only permanent jobs, and new jobs through the development of family businesses, home-based work, crafts, farms.

In this area there is a lot of formalism, bureaucracy and even fraud. There are many bitter examples. A natural question arises – who are we kidding, and why?

In this connection it is necessary to form a working group headed by Deputy Prime Minister T.Narbaevoy number of managers and senior officials of the Uzbek Women’s Committee, the Council of Federation of Trade Unions, “Nuroniy” funds “Mahalla”, “Kamolot”, the Committee on Religious Affairs, Chamber of Commerce and commercial banks.

These working groups since January 20 this year, within three months from the on-site visits will examine the state of affairs in families in Andijan, Namangan and Ferghana regions to visit each street and each house will analyze and summarize the proposals of simple families, our esteemed veterans.

I ask the Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov together with the State Advisor (O.Muradov) before April 20, based on in-depth analysis of the results of this study in the field to prepare and submit a draft Presidential decree and a set of specific measures aimed at the legal, socio-economic and spiritual and moral solution of the existing problems and issues.

Dear participants of the meeting!

At previous meetings, it was given to the critical analysis of the state of affairs in the sphere of education and science, realization of the state youth policy, the introduction of modern teaching methods, including information and communication technologies.

Given the strategic importance of this sector for the future of our young people, society and the country as a whole, management is responsible for the site work personally on the Prime Minister. I draw your attention to the need to implement the following tasks:

The first problem concerns the scope of preschool education. We must frankly admit that we missed this important area of ​​work. Coverage of children in this area is only 27 percent.

According to the recently approved program will be strengthened material-technical base of relevant institutions in 2200.

It is necessary to radically revise curricula and programs, involving, experienced teachers and specialists. We are faced with a difficult task of training and retraining in the field of education and psychology, as well as by subject disciplines.

The second problem is related to the quality of education system in secondary schools, lyceums and professional colleges and higher educational institutions of the republic. The introduction of modern curricula and methods is not at the proper level.

Education of children and youth vocational subjects, as well as the history of our country and world civilization, modern foreign languages ​​and computer programs – all these problems are not yet resolved efficiently and in full.

It is important to solve another problem: it is not always a sufficient level of our teachers and the teaching staff and their expertise. We need to create an environment that would actively contribute to the process of learning, spiritual and moral enrichment and education based on true values.

The third task – it is a critical analysis of rational distribution of schools, especially professional colleges, as well as the competent determining the real needs of the economy, social sphere and every territory in the frames.

While this mechanism is not working: the heads of sectors are areas in need of their shots in the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Economy. Then prepare shallow thoughtful proposals on quotas the training of specialists. As a result, from year to year increases the problem of their quality and employment.

And none of it bears no responsibility. Why, after all it is about our children with you and, without exaggeration, the future of our country?

I warn the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education R.Kasymova: possessing significant experience in this area, you are personally responsible not only for the elimination of these problems, but also for ensuring that indigenous and qualitative changes. Do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

The fourth challenge – a further development of not only academic, but also university research. In its relevance once again I firmly convinced at the meeting and in the course of a long dialogue with the members of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic. In this area, in my opinion, it is necessary to solve two main tasks:

first – significantly strengthen the material and technical base of scientific institutions at the level of advanced foreign centers and the requirements based on the scientists themselves, of course, the needs of the state, as well as its targets;

second – this development and implementation of specific measures for the comprehensive support of academics, including the question of material incentives.

I instruct you, Abdullah Nigmatovich, together with the new President of the Academy of Sciences B.Yuldashevym, Ministry of Higher Education and other departments in a month to provide a detailed set of measures for implementation of the assignments given at the meeting with the scientists.

The fifth challenge is related to the elimination of the existing problems in the publication and distribution of books. It is, above all, in creating the necessary atmosphere and conditions for the promotion of the general population and young people’s rich history of our country, its culture and national values, as well as the achievements of world science and literature.

It is necessary to take into account the considerable advantages to use of modern computer technology, and especially the Internet.

Addressing create different textbooks, their publication and financing seriously hamper the departmental divisions.

In this regard, requests the Prime Minister within one month to submit a set of measures for the study of the real needs in textbooks and special literature, questions of content and translation into other languages, the replenishment of funds of educational institutions, libraries and information resource centers. Especially carefully it is necessary to study the formation of the real price of the book.

At the same time we are faced with an important task for new levels of our work on the wide dissemination of the culture of reading among young people, instilling her love for books and strengthen immunity to alien ideas to our people. In order to address these issues, we recently adopted a special order.

Our urgent task is urgent today and in the future – to ensure the effective functioning of the whole system “Electronic Government”. While she was not involved in full, and in some departments it or not connected, or, frankly, do not even know what to do with it.

You can make your own conclusion from the following facts for 2016. Of the 534 thousand applications of citizens and legal entities received in the Unified portal of public services, more than 6 thousand, or not discussed, or it is not answered in a timely manner.

The system was published only about a thousand projects of normative legal acts of the 4 million registered. Most khokimiyats of cities and regions, this system does not function efficiently.

Do not show sufficient initiative on introduction of information and communication technologies, even in dire need of improvement of technological processes and large enterprise management system, organizations and business associations.

Among them it is also a company “Uzbekneftegaz” and “Uzdonmahsulot” concern “Uzpharmsanoat” Association “Uzbekcharmpoyabzali”, JSC “Uzstroymaterialy”.

Is in such a superficial approach we can solve many of our problems? Therefore, I consider it necessary in the near future to discuss the status of this work and to report on the measures taken for effective implementation of already approved the National Programme, as well as the problems in this critical area for the future.

Dear participants of the meeting!

You are well aware of the fundamental provisions laid down in our Constitution – the status, role and personal responsibility khokims of the real situation in the region, the city and region of the country.

We have always paid and will continue to pay particular attention to the results of their activities.

Accordingly, recent developments of fundamental changes in the structure hokimiyats all levels. What caused this?

Firstly, the need to implement a top priority on the integrated development of the territories, especially the lagging of cities and regions. If we compare the figures for per capita individual areas, the difference between them – both between the day and night.

Second, the complexity of an objective assessment of the effectiveness of territorial and sectoral management, their level of development. For example, if the area to remove the performance of large industrial enterprises of statistical reporting, the gross regional product will be negligible.

Directs the Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov in a month’s time to prepare and decide on the improvement of the system of accounting and statistics reflect the performance areas and sectors of the economy.

For example, the results of the NMMC and AMMC, oil and gas and chemical industry are not directly related to the territories. In order to achieve their development indicators hokims not play any role, and there is no merit.

Therefore, it is time to relate the “white white” and “black with black.” Then the statistics will reflect reality.

Thirdly, during the development of the structure of khokimiyats were taken into account lessons learned and suggestions khokims a number of regions of the republic.

The structure of all regional, city and district administrations additionally introduced the post of Deputy hokim for economic reform and enterprise deputy hokim on youth policy, social development and spiritual and educational work.

Strengthened information and analytical group. In the border areas of 80 khokimiyats special assistant positions hokim introduced. The total additional number was 739 units.

Recently decided to increase the salaries of state administration and the employees of khokimiyats, depending on the length of their work.

I think that from now on all levels khokims no objective reason to talk about a shortage of workers. Now the important task of selection for these positions decent shots, capable of efficient operation.

I pay attention Abdulla Aripov, A.Ramatova and R.Azimov that idea worthy candidates for the posts of first deputy governor delayed.

But there is another priority. This is to ensure close interaction and coordination of all the Vice-Prime Minister, departments, branch managers from government khokims and their respective alternates. Ensuring the effectiveness of the work – this duty, and the duty of every leader.

Dear friends!

Implementation certain for 2017 and beyond problems to a great extent depends on three major requirements.

First – this is a personal responsibility of the heads of all ranks, from the President of the country, for the final results.

The second – the universal provision of clear procedures and firm discipline. I emphasize again that the work – the collective, and the responsibility – personal.

The third requirement – is to ensure the purity of our ranks and cadres, as well as the prevention and eradication of any negative developments in the work.

Last year, for serious shortcomings in his work and personal irresponsibility, we were forced to release from their posts Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the leaders of “Uzstandard” agency, JSC “Uzbekenergo” Company “Uzagrosanoatmash-holding”, “Asaka” bank and a number of other governments and agencies.

For this reason, released from the posts hokims Bukhara, Jizzakh, Surkhandarya, Syrdarya and Tashkent regions, as well as a number of cities and regions.

All this, of course, dictated by the need of the hour. This requirement comes from the need to solve the pressing problems of the economy and especially the social sphere, as well as population stranyne a month or a year, but today, right now.

Please reporting Deputy Prime Ministers, heads of branches and governor, as well as others present at the meeting to focus on the following issues.

First, what specific measures each of you will take to address the shortcomings and problems?

Second, you need to do to perform in the I quarter and I half of 2017 the most important development of the specific indicators of economic sectors and social sphere, as well as the territories of the republic?

I want to stress again that these two questions, we are waiting for concrete answers, rather than theoretical and general arguments.

At the end of the meeting the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev emphasized the following:

– Dear friends, today we’ll have defined our main objectives and tasks for this year. For their successful implementation, each of us in his place should work with an even greater responsibility. I think that made analytical and critical thinking today will serve as a solid foundation for building our tomorrow, reaching new frontiers.

We all should understand: with the existing pace of development we can not achieve those high goals that have set themselves.

Today, the rapidly changing life itself and its demands, it confronts us with ever new challenges. Naturally, in such a difficult situation, we can not work in the old, limited successes achieved. It is time to radically change our attitude to work, to focus on the end result.

We often refer to a variety of challenging conditions. But let us ask ourselves the question: who should change the circumstances for us? Do not we do – their selfless labor, intellectual and spiritual potential? Of course, no one side will not do it for us.

Today at our meeting we called a spade a spade, openly and objectively analyzed the situation in our economy, identified priority areas for further development.

The main task – to ensure peace and prosperity in the country, so that people are satisfied with their lives. This largely depends on how faithfully, with dedication, we, the leaders, do our duty to the people.

Took place in December last year the presidential elections once again demonstrated the confidence of our fellow citizens in the future, your future. Now we have to justify this high level of trust people practical things. It will require all our hard work, new initiatives, deeply thought-out innovative solutions. The most important thing – the results of our efforts have a positive impact on people’s daily lives.

Our people have a saying: “The truth, even if it is bitter, to say only a real friend.” I hope that the criticism expressed today will be perceived correctly.

As you know, last year was not easy for us. We had to endure a lot of hardships, but we have overcome all the difficulties with dignity.

Thank God, 2017 starts good for us. The abundance of snow in the mountains, on the plains – rain is for our farmers and farmers guarantee a good harvest.

In making full use of our available resources and huge opportunities, we have to work with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Today, our people are looking to the future with high hopes. And bring them called in the first place, we, the leaders of all levels, our wonderful youth who becomes a decisive force of our society.

We have everything necessary in order to achieve our noble goals – power and knowledge, commitment and experience, the desire and potential.

I wish you all along the way of health, happiness and good luck, every success.


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